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CanPrev - Silicon + Biotin 60 v-caps

    • Features the world’s most soluble and absorbable source of silicon, LIVING SILICA®
    • LIVING SILICA® was shown to be 3.5 times more absorbable than the next leading form of silicon
    • LIVING SILICA® is truly a unique source of silicon
    • LIVING SILICA® is a highly soluble monomeric silicon source that is both small and stable

    A nourishing combination of silicon and biotin to help maintain beautiful hair, skin and nails. Silicon Beauty features LIVING SILICA®, a 100% soluble form of silicon derived from quartz.

    Scientifically proven to be one of the best sources of silicon in the world, LIVING SILICA® is better absorbed by the body than most other supplement sources, including colloidal, horsetail and bamboo forms.

    Also available in liquid.

    Available in 60 vegetable capsules. 

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