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Canprev - Healthy Bones

    • Complete bone building blend with critical calcium, magnesium, D3, K2, and trace minerals
    • Vegan formula, with lichen-sourced vitamin D3
    • Highly bioavailable calcium blend – 2x better absorbed than MCHC
    • Features the world’s most soluble and absorbable source of silicon, LIVING SILICA®
    • Just 3 capsules per day

    Our bones might seem solid and unchanging, but they’re living tissues. They’re in a constant process of breaking down and rebuilding. They actively dissolve and then replace minerals to keep your skeleton strong and stable. They need good nutrition throughout our lifetimes to grow healthy and strong.

    Healthy Bones combines the best available sources for the most critical nutrients in a vegan, soy-free formula. Easy to absorb chelated minerals are paired with D3 and K2 to ensure minerals reach bone tissue where they’re needed. Silicon, an often overlooked mineral, works together with key minerals to improve bone matrix quality.

    Available format

    120 and 240 vegetable capsules.

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