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Ortho Eyes® utilizes N-acetyl-carnosine, able to penetrate into areas of the eye that are not as usually reached by regular carnosine, especially when applied topically as an eye drop. It has been proven to improve lens clarity and flexibility in people suffering from age-related cataracts. It also reduces glare problems in elderly drivers. N-acetyl-L-carnosine helps reduce the build-up of aging proteins in the eyes and can help with age-related eye conditions.


AOR Advantage

AOR’s Ortho Eyes® provides a topically absorbable form of carnosine. In order to ensure proper delivery to the eye these eye drops are conveniently sold in disposable vials to prevent infection and ensure safety.

AOR - Ortho Eyes

C$59.99 Regular Price
C$44.39Sale Price
  • Improves visual acuity against age related damage

    • Helps improve the flexibility of the eye lens and visual acuity against  age-related eye conditions such as cataracts
    • Improves visual clarity, reducing glare
    • Reduces build-up of damaging proteins in the eyes
    • A proprietary eye drop containing N-acetyl-carnosine, imported from Singapore
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